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The i-Symphony Learning Platform offers students a paper-less, mobile learning environment. Homework materials are directly delivered to and collected from the student’s desktop. Curriculum materials are automatically organized into an easy-to-manage folder structure, ensuring that a student always has access to all his school work. A built-in planner is automatically updated with notices of upcoming assignment deadlines, tests, and other school events. Inspherion enables feedback faster, and both students and parents have immediate access to performance information, giving students a chance to take corrective action sooner.

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Your Problems
Our Solution
Are parents making personal visits to the school just to fill out a form and sign it?
Is keeping parents informed about important events and scheduling meetings too tedious and taking too much time from your teachers and administrators?
Are your parents surprised by end of semester report cards?
Is your staff spending most of their time maintaining websites, making calls, printing out notices and letters to keep parents informed?
Electronic forms save parents’ time
With the i-Symphony Learning Platform, teachers can send school forms directly to parents’ desktops. Parent responses are collected and delivered straight to teachers’ desktops. Parents no longer have to keep making trips to the school to fill out routine forms.
Easier planning, more convenience for all
With the in-built planner of the i-Symphony Learning Platform every deadline, upcoming school or class event, even changes to scheduled events are automatically posted on student calendars. Teachers can simultaneously update parent calendars with notices of important project deadlines. Parents can better plan their own family schedules as they are better aware of their children’s schedules.
More immediate feedback, better learning.
With the i-Symphony Learning Platform students receive feedback sooner. Student electronic grade books are automatically updated as soon as the teacher finishes grading. Parents have access to their child’s grade book, and thus are provided with immediate access to performance information. Inspherion enables parents and students to take timely action to work towards achieving their academic goals.
All the information parents need, in one place
The i-Symphony Learning Platform is the only tool that parents will need to stay up to date on their child’s progress at school. Your staff does not have to stay on top of multiple modes of communication – websites, phone calls, paper notices or letters. Parents have access to everything they would be interested in – the most up to date information on academic performance, school schedules, upcoming tests and more.
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